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About the ACRC

acrc.jpgWhat is the Anti-corruption Resource Center?

Transparency International-Bulgaria has developed and maintains the first of its kind Anti-corruption Resource Center in Bulgaria. The project is launched with the cooperation of Transparency International - Secretariat and funded by the European Commission.

The major aim of the Anti-corruption Center is the gathering, processing, preservation, and dissemination of updated domestic and international information on corruption and anti-corruption issues in the different spheres of public life and the possible methods related to the corruption countering and the fight against it.

The Anti-corruption Resource Center maintains a web site, library and media archive.

Who does the Resource Center serve?

The Center serves to collate, document and disseminate information crucial to key groups and individuals involved in anti-corruption work and research. These include:

  • Non-governmental and civil society organizations;
  • Representatives of national institutions;
  • Academics, researchers and students;
  • Media professionals;
  • Business peoples;
  • and other interested social groups.

If you belong to one of these groups in our Resource Center we will provide with diverse and comprehensive information on issues like:

  • Politics and Good Governance;
  • Civil Society anti-corruption Initiatives;
  • Public Administration;
  • European Integration;
  • Corruption and Business;
  • Legislation;
  • Media.



The Library of the ACRC

The ACRC Library currently holds over 1.200 entries, printed and electronic resources, covering different aspects of the issues on corruption and the fight against it, both on national and international level, which include:

  • Studies basic texts and official reports, covering the problems of corruption on the national and worldwide;
  • Legal texts anti-corruption conventions and treaties, constitutions, decrees, national and international legislation, codes of conduct;
  • Anti-corruption initiatives conference documents and proceedings presented at conferences, seminars and workshops;
  • Media archive containing news and analyses, thematically classified;
  • Bibliographies selected and annotated bibliographies on corruption, web sites directory of anti-corruption organization and initiatives, local, national and international.


Project Production


This project has been produced with the financial assistance of the European Commission. The views expressed herein are those of Transparency International and in no way can be taken to reflect the official opinion of the European Commission.


Contact Details

To obtain free information on issues that interest you, please fill in the request form and e-mail it to . The information you have requested will be sent to you three days after your purchase order has been registered.
The Anti-Corruption Resource Center is open for visitors Mondays through Fridays from 14:00 till 17:00.


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