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Issue 1, October 2003

Topic of the Issue: 5 years Transparency International - Bulgaria

  • The mission of TI - Bulgaria
  • Major aims and objectives of the Associations
  • Programs and Projects
  • Achievements of TI- Bulgaria
  • Seminars and conferences organized by the Association
  • Publications
  • The team of TI - Bulgaria

Corruption Perception Index - 2003

  • The Corruption Perception Index - what is it?
  • The Index of Bulgaria
  • Importance of the Corruption Index

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Issue 2, January 2004

What could be found in the Issue?

Topic of the Issue: Conflict of interest in public administration

  • Conflict of interest: what is it?
  • Regulation models
  • The Bulgarian model
  • Mesures to reduce conflict of interest
  • Legal regulations of conflict of interest
  • Develop and implement internal institutional policies and procedures to counteract conflict of interest
  • Establish and strengthen administrative structures for counteracting corruption
  • Effective measures and mechanisms
  • Social status guarantees

Anti-Corruption Resource Centre

  • The resource centre library
  • Target groups
  • The CORISweb system

Monitoring of corrupt practices in the area of municipal property management and public procurement in Bulgarian municipalities

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Issue 3, June 2004

Topic of the Issue: The National Round Table "The Challenges Facing Prosecution When Curbing Corruption in the Context of Bulgarian Accession to the EU"

  • Objectives of the National Round Table
  • The Major Focus of Discussions
  • Participation in the Forum
  • Topics of Discussion at the Round Table
  • Monitoring of the Prosecution Office
  • TI - Bulgaria Project - "Building Capacity of the National Prosecution Office in the Context of Curbing Corruption"

Global Corruption Report 2004

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